The Global Distributors Collective is hosted by Practical Action. Activities are delivered by a consortium of implementing partners with complementary skillsets and deep expertise in last mile distribution –  Practical ActionHystra and BoP Innovation Center.

We are governed by a Steering Committee, which currently consists of representatives from implementing partners. We’re working to develop a long-term, robust governance structure that will ensure we are led by and accountable to our members: last mile distributors.

We also have a range of supporting partners who provide advice, support and help shape the work of the GDC – and we help them more effectively engage with and support distribution companies.

Our code of conduct

The GDC Code of Conduct is designed to ensure all members abide by consumer protection principles.  The principles are the same as those developed by our partner the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association.

  1. Transparency – members share clear, timely and sufficient information with consumers about products, services, payment plans and personal data privacy practices.
  2. Responsible sales and pricing – members take care to ensure customers can afford to pay for products without becoming overburdened, and consider customer characteristics when deciding prices and payment structures.
  3. Good customer service – members instruct customers on proper use and care of products, ensure technical and after-sales service support is available, resolve customer issues in a reasonable time period, and provide reasonable warranties on products.
  4. Good product quality – members ensure products are appropriate, safe, good quality and perform as advertised, and take reasonable measures to ensure product longevity.
  5. Data privacy – members ensure customers consent to collection, use, retention and sharing of personal information, ensure customer data is confidential, and comply with relevant laws and regulations governing customer data privacy.
  6. Fair and respectful treatment – members promote inclusive practices and do not discriminate, ensure fair and respectful treatment of customers and seek customer views and feedback.